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                2018-08-15 20:37:00 常州亿创能源科技有限公司 阅读


                Laser drilling technology is the earliest practical laser technology in laser material processing technology. Laser drilling in sheet metal workshop is generally used pulse laser. It has high energy density and short time. It can process 1 micron holes. It is especially suitable for processing holes with certain angles and thin materials. It is also suitable for processing deep holes and micro holes in parts with high hardness or brittle soft materials.

                激光可实现燃气轮机的燃烧器▲部件打孔加工,打孔效果可实现鸢坠三维方向,数量可达到上千个。可打孔的材料包括不锈钢、镍铬铁都要费尽了功夫来回忆这场战斗合金和哈斯特洛依(HASTELLOY)基合金。激光ξ 打孔技术不受材料的力学性能影响,实现自动化比较容易。

                Laser can drill the burner parts of gas turbine. The punching effect can realize three-dimensional direction and the number can reach thousands. Perforated materials include stainless steel, nickel chromium iron alloy and Haas Tero (HASTELLOY) based alloy. Laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of materials, and automation is relatively easy.


                With the development of laser drilling technology, laser cutting machine has realized automatic operation. The application of laser cutting machine in sheet metal industry has changed the processing method of traditional sheet metal technology, realized unmanned operation, greatly improved the production efficiency, realized full automatic operation, promoted the development of sheet metal economy, and in the aspect of punching effect. It improves the grade, and the effect is remarkable.

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