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                2018-08-15 20:36:12 常州亿创能源科技有限公司 阅读


                The quality and precision of stamping parts depend largely on the mold, so if the mold is qualified and the process flow is not a problem, the precision stamping parts can meet the standard. But don't forget that the safety design needs to be considered in the production of precision stamping parts.

                当然主要指的就是精密冲压件模→具的安全性話就讓我們魂飛魄散问题,首先是结构』上的设计,应尽量保证进料、定料、出件、清理︾废料的方便。而在对于但他大型精密冲压件加工的时候,如果必须要使操作人员的手入模内作业的话,就要可能减少入模的范围,以及尽可能缩短身体某部位Ψ 在模内停留的时身上粉紅色光芒爆閃间,尽量还要配备必要的防护措△施和装置。

                Of course, it mainly refers to the safety of precision stamping die, first of all, the structural design, should try to ensure the convenience of feeding, fixing, discharging, cleaning waste. For large precision stamping parts, if it is necessary to make the operator's hand into the mold operation, it is possible to reduce the scope of the mold, and as far as possible shorten the body part in the mold stay time, as far as possible with the necessary protective measures and devices.


                For small precision stamping parts, there is no need to close any part of the body to the working area, so this is strictly prohibited. When disassembling and assembling the stamping die, it should be convenient and safe, avoid the possibility of clamping and cutting hands, and reduce unnecessary damage.


                In addition, scrap or workpiece missiles are not allowed to occur in the process of precision stamping, because this will affect the operator's attention, and even injure the operator. And too many and too difficult movements are not allowed to appear when stamping, so as not to cause harm.


                All kinds of parts on the precision stamping die should have enough strength and stiffness to prevent damage and deformation during use, especially those fastening parts should have anti-loosening measures to avoid accidental injury to operators. In short, even minor problems will affect safety, so be cautious.

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