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                2018-08-15 20:32:54 常州亿创能源科技有限公司 阅读


                Cold-working sheet metal parts have the characteristics of light weight, high strength and simple processing, so they are widely used. But in the process of processing, cold-working sheet metal should reduce welding as much as possible. What is this? Cold sheet metal processing, as the name suggests, does not require heat treatment, and welding is heat processing.

                冷作的钣金材ζ料在焊接后会引起变形,不仅焊接表面处理不美观,而且ω 影响生产效率,所以就可以通过改变加工工艺来代替焊接,比如冲压。

                Cold-working sheet metal material will cause deformation after welding, not only the welding surface treatment is not beautiful, but also affects the production efficiency, so can be changed by processing technology to replace welding, such as stamping.


                The workpiece stamped out of the sheet metal is not only beautiful, but also difficult to deform, but it needs to make simple dies.

                另外,对于受力较小或仅起链」接作用的焊缝,可采用间㊣ 接断焊代替连续焊;或者是利用铆接来替代焊接,省时又美观△。

                In addition, indirect break welding can be used instead of continuous welding for welds with less stress or only linking effect, or riveting can be used instead of welding, which is time-saving and beautiful.

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