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                Laser cutting processing forgings, stamping parts, containers: aviation, automobile, motorcycle, tractor forgings; precision forging products, agricultural forgings, bearing forgings, large forgings; petroleum machinery forgings, flange parts, container head and rotating forming parts, metal parts, stamping parts, cold, hot containers and rotating heads.

                激光切割穿孔和车螺從一個不能修煉纹孔,一束激光孔为起点ω 的轮廓切割加工,通常走在激光束的方向和加工零件轮廓的切线垂直切共同目標割,切割操作员必须注意梁的方向,必须连续不间人也被震飛了出去断,不要做一个网站直 去業都城干什么接跳转到另一个地点,这样容易引起资料当削减很多洞影响切削加工的整体质量。

                Laser cutting perforation and turning threaded holes, a laser hole for the starting point of contour cutting, usually walking in the direction of the laser beam and machining parts contour tangent vertical cutting, cutting operators must pay attention to the direction of the beam, must continue uninterrupted, do not do a website directly jump to another location, so easy to cause data when cutting  Many holes reduce the overall quality of cutting.


                Laser cutting is a kind of mirror in which the concentration of carbon dioxide laser beam is focused on the surface of material. In order to make the relative motion of laser melting material and laser and material blown by compressed gas at the same time along a certain path, cracks are formed in a certain way. By the 1970s, the continuous improvement and development of carbon dioxide laser and numerical control technology has become a state-of-the-art method for cutting industrial sheet metal.

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