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                2018-08-14 15:51:42 常州亿创能源科技有限公司 阅读


                Laser cutting three-dimensional laser cutting principle Laser upside-down laser attack, by the curved mirror and upside-down confluence mirror reflected on the processing of goods, so that the processing of goods (appearance) by a strong thermal energy and rapid increase in temperature, so that the point due to high temperature and rapid melting probably vaporized, cooperating with the operation of the laser head orbit and then Arrive at processing corruption.

                光纤的遴选依据金属板材的厚度纷歧样,选取纷歧样的光纤激光器功率,三维切割光纤激光器的功率一般那就表示自己分200W, 300W, 400W, SOOW与1000W等多种规范;对纷歧样功率的激光器配备纷歧样的冷却系统,以确保激光器的平常功课。一同要依据机器臂的功课半径和你認為他能在我手底下堅持一刻鐘加工工件的大小选定」适宜长度的操纵光纤传输激光,以称心顾客█切割需要。

                Optical fibers are selected according to the different thickness of the metal plate, and the different power of the fiber laser is selected. The power of the three-dimensional cutting fiber laser is generally divided into 200W, 300W, 400W, SOOW and 1000W. At the same time, according to the robot arm's homework radius and the size of the workpiece to select the appropriate length of optical fiber transmission laser, to meet customer cutting needs.


                Instead of using nesting software, the NC system calls parts or reads into parts for technical programming and some cutting, which not only wastes time, but also more extravagant information. So arranging nesting software is time-saving and economical.


                When cutting is set up, the cutting pattern used is too frugal, individual parts must be perforated, and must be fully cut, without the use of common edge, borrowed edge, bridging and other efficient cutting pattern, resulting in low cutting obedience, and cutting nozzle consumables (especially plasma nozzle) wave throw emergency.

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