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                Laser cutting means that because of the good directional, high brightness, good monochromaticity and other characteristics of the laser, the laser beam formed by it irradiates the material, can afford to melt, vaporize, ablate, and form holes. With the relative movement of the beam and the workpiece, the workpiece eventually forms a slit to achieve the purpose of cutting the workpiece.

                激光汽化切割,就是利用激光束对工件进行①加热,由于它的能♀量比较高,因此可以也终究是能活下去使温度迅速上升,材料就会开始汽化。在蒸∴汽喷出的同时,材料【上就会有切口形成。这种切√割需要很大的额功率和功率密度才能完科而沁**苍狼**成,多数是用到极薄金属材料和※非金属材料的切割过程中。激光氧化切割,用激光我已经告诉成子昂作为预热热源,用氧气我还没享受够呢等活性气体作为切割气体,通过两者的共同作用之后在金属中形成切口。这过ω 程中有大量的而热会放出,对节约能源消耗也有一定的帮助。

                Laser vaporization cutting is the use of laser beam to heat the workpiece, because of its high energy, so that the temperature can rise rapidly, the material will begin to vaporize. When steam is ejected, there will be incision formation on the material. This kind of cutting requires a large amount of power and power density to complete, mostly used in the cutting process of very thin metal and non-metallic materials. Laser oxidation cutting, using laser as preheating heat source, using oxygen and other active gases as cutting gas, through the joint action of the two forms a cut in the metal. In the process, there will be a lot of heat release, which will also help to save energy consumption.


                In laser cutting, it is very important to grasp the cutting progress reasonably. If the cutting progress is too fast, then the incision amplitude will become smaller, and the beam's illumination point will be close, resulting in towing, roughness will become larger, Scraping Slag and other adverse conditions. But if the progress is too slow, the action time of the laser will be longer, the area of the spot, the amplitude of the incision and so on will be larger. As a result, the cutting progress can not keep up with the progress of material ablation, so it will have a negative impact on the cutting effect.

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